Revolutionizing Healthcare in Pakistan
We came to Pakistan with one problem statement: How can we make it easy for patients and doctors to connect? A diverse, global team, 24 hour days, in-depth research & development, and many hours later we built AugmentCare: A digital health platform that streamlines patient-doctor interactions. Now you can easily get care from the comfort of your couch! But this is just the beginning of our journey.

Why we did what we did?

Make healthcare accessible and affordable

Enhance traditional healthcare practices

Increase financial benefits for all stakeholders

Leverage technology for better reporting

What is our mission?

To be the leading integrated digital healthcare platform which connects patients, doctors, and care facilities to provide the most comprehensive solution for preventative, diagnostic and care facilitation in Pakistan and the developing world.

We are building an all-in-one solution set  that focuses on the patient journey across the continuum of care and addresses challenges faced by all of the key stakeholders (patients, providers, caregivers, payers, etc.), hence, differentiating us from the competition.
Corporate Culture & Values
We are a dynamic team of dreamers, innovators, developers, and designers. Our cross-functional teams are solving real world issues to help YOU live a better life.

Quality First

We believe in delivering exceptional solutions to change the lives of people


We believe in succeeding together. We celebrate individuality and diversity while working as a team towards our shared goals.

Prioritizing the Customer

We pay attention to customer needs, demands, and feedback which helps us improve our services.

Constant Improvement

We believe in non-stop innovation, enabling us to satisfy our customers while gaining a competitive edge in the market

Made with ❤️ in Pakistan
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