Can your organization make it to the top 10 organizations in Pakistan?
By: Mariyah Kaleem             on April 11 2018

In terms of healthcare coverage and general wellbeing – 2 in every 3 employees in Pakistan are unhappy with their workplace.

Are you doing enough to provide a healthier workplace for your employees? Are you confident that your organization is on top in terms of health benefits for its employees? Whatever the answer, an unhappy and unhealthy work environment is bad for a business’ bottom line and bad for employees.

Studies have shown being unhappy with or unfulfilled by work can take a toll on our health, relationships, and even lifespan. Those in unhealthy work environments tend to:

  • gain more weight
  • have more healthcare appointments
  • have higher rates of absenteeism

 However, there are distinct employers that resonate with certain healthcare policies that ultimately result in:

  • Higher employee retention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism 

 AugmentCare conducted a study to highlight the importance of healthcare coverage policies and how they impact an employer’s appeal for an employee. The results clearly put some employers as leaders of this game and are bound to entice organizations to inculcate these metrics for improved employee satisfaction.

Here at AugmentCare, we are thrilled to congratulate the leaders!

Hats off to you, for working tirelessly to create a healthier ecosystem for the betterment and well-being of your workforce. The list is based on a detailed health check criteria developed by a dedicated team of corporate care specialists at AugmentCare.




Why Employee Health Makes Business Sense

A competitive and worthy employer knows that an organization’s greatest asset is its workforce, its people, its manpower.
At AugmentCare we believe that healthcare should be accessible to every individual in an organization, and to ensure that we devise a standard set of metrics that will gauge the healthcare coverage success of any workplace. 

So if you’re an employer who thinks their workplace can make the cut to the AugmentCare approved top 10 employers then feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit our facebookinstagram or twitter handles to know more about us.