A virtual doctor in the palm of your hands so you can see your GP wherever and whenever you need.


Helping you get the best care available

Through the unlimited GP policy, you get..

  • 9am to 9pm access to our panel of qualified General Physicians (GPs). (24/7 access to GPs coming soon).
  • The access to our GPs is not only for you but also for your family. This includes your spouse, children AND your parents.
  • You can get medical advice wherever you want.
  • Continued care for most illnesses.

What can these GPs do for you?

  • Treat majority of common illnesses through video consultations.
  • The doctor will assess the severity of the patient’s condition through a systemised triage process  during the video consultation.
  • If a doctor still feels that a specialist is needed, she will carry out easy referrals to almost 100 plus specialist doctors on our platform.
  • GP to create a two way relationship between the patient, whereby they routinely checkup on their patients and ensure they get the right end to end treatment through the AugmentCare application.

Who are these GPs?

   Qualified doctors from top tier medical colleges in Pakistan.

   Recruited and trained by DoctHERs, a company that aims to utilize the untapped talent of female doctors that have not been able to practice fully in Pakistan.

   Rigorous training procedures for telemedicine conducted through Agha Khan University.

   Proficient in both English and Urdu languages, thus reducing language barriers that may arise in consultations with different patients.

Your monthly FINJA plan

Rs 650 per month for unlimited GP access

Rs 325 paid by FINJA employees

Rs 325 paid by FINJA

The monthly plan includes:

Unlimited access to a GP for you and your family (Spouse, 2 children and your parents) 

 List of GPs and their appointment timings available to you for booking consultations 24/7

Can interact with your doctor via video and Instant Messages, throughout the month

Cashless transactions so no paper hassle