All in ONE Clinic Management System

Now, more than ever, doctors have a tough job. There is a huge burden on healthcare service delivery in Pakistan and we recognize the challenges our doctors face everyday.

AugmentCare is an integrated digital platform that aims to address the challenges faced by our doctors and patients in Pakistan. Our purpose to make it easier for you to interact with your patients and deliver quality healthcare to them without any hassle. We’ve got the solution to your never ending complications in the hospital so you can have a better life being a doctor!

See for yourself how so many renowned doctors in
Pakistan use AugmentCare’s CMS

It’s time you stop experiencing the hassle of a manual management system and start managing your practice with a platform that offers it all.

AugmentCare is a fully integrated digital health platform which has an all in one EMR, CMS and a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

You can not just improve your patient experience but also reduce no-shows, manage your finances and enable your clinic staff to do more.