Clinic Management System

A smart clinic management system for smart clinicians

Skip the complications in your daily practice and join the smart moment with AugmentCare. Enhance your service quality with our all-in-one portal that helps you build lasting relationships with patients, manages your appointments, electronic medical records and provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard to stay on top of your finances.

How is our software being used today?

100+ doctors in 18 cities are currently using our CMS through our corporate partnerships.

Doctors with a 40+ specialities.

29K+ consultations have been completed by our doctors

How we empower our clinicians ?


Monitor patient vitals and add them to your EMR

Doctor Tags

Instant patient disease notification


Customise your EMR to meet your needs


Keep your patients in the loop with appointment reminders and much more


Customise your prescription by adding a header and a footer of your choice to maintain your patient's experience


Make assessments and tag patients according to their score for an in-depth diagnosis


Track your finances and cash collection with a few simple clicks


Add notes for patients

custom vaccinations

Create vaccination paths according to your needs


More options to customise your EMR

Benefits for clinicians

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Clinical Management System increases clinical and operational efficiency by 80%

Decreases time spent in managing appointments and no shows by 25%.

Workflow Integration and streamlined processes

Paper pages saved in a year: 550.0 K

Confirmation and update on appointments through SMS.

Downloadable E-Prescriptions.

Detailed patient profile and specific disease tags.

Electronic Medical Records account for lesser or no confusion when it comes to maintaining patient medical history.

Post-hospitalization engagement.

Assign roles to your staff. Desired hierarchical structure for staff and system-wide notifications.

Appointments managed by a receptionist.

Facilitation in primary diagnosis by junior doctors.

Completed consultations and medical procedures record in one place.

Tabulated finances and customizable invoicing.

Integration with on facility labs and diagnostics.

Customizable fields catering .

Customized Patient/Disease tags for grouping patients with the same diseases.

Quiz Module to help doctors make assessments. Vaccination Paths to help Pediatricians. 

Clinical Management System increases clinical and operational efficiency by 80%

A paperless system allows a cost reduction of almost 15%

Good Patient to Doctor ratio – 1 doctor for 100 families

Electronic Medical Records account for lesser or no confusion when it comes to maintaining patient medical history.

Access patient history in one click 

Devolution of authority to the receptionist and junior doctors to fast track patient consultations

Fixed time slots to ensure completion of consultations.

A paperless system allows a cost reduction of almost 15%

Avg. Consultation Time Less than 10 Mins.

Digital financial tracking leading to reduced managerial staff costs.

Increase your market share by catering to the patients on our portal.

Operational Benefits

Multi Locations

Multiple Clinics Management on One Portal. Integrated record-keeping to reduce the cost of managing multiple clinics.

Specialisation of Doctors

A team of doctors with diverse specializations to cater to every patient. Specialists available in major cities.

Ease of Access for Staff

Your Receptionist can manage your system, book and schedule your appointments. Junior Doctors can use the CMS to undertake the preliminary examination.

Pricing & Plans



  • Correct Includes 14-day free* trial
  • Correct Professional Profile on AugmentCare's doctor discovery platform
  • Correct Online appointment management
  • Correct Patient history available
  • Correct Digital intake forms
  • Correct Promotional SMS campaigns to patients
  • Correct Receive reminders and notifications
  • Correct Video consultation with patients
  • Correct Prescribe medicines and E prescriptions
  • Correct Guaranteed advance payments



  • Correct Includes 14-day free* trial
  • Correct Messaging facility to patient and clinic staff
  • Correct Facebook Live Sessions
  • Correct Medication Reminders
  • Correct Insight into patient’s progress
  • Correct Activity Trackers
  • Correct Create custom roles for clinic staff
  • Correct Queue management by token system
  • Correct CMS for entire clinic and staff
  • Correct Dedicated Account Manager
  • Correct Automated billing and revenue sharing


Our Healthcare solution for businesses

  • Correct Helping organizations improve employee health and wellness
  • Correct Provision of additional health benefits
  • Correct Access to corporate patients
  • Correct Become part of a network of doctors providing care to companies

Customers reviews

"This is 3 in 1: there is patient record, built in video and the third thing is that has a good system of patient reports as well."
Dr Pervaiz Iqbal
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