Smarter Employee Healthcare

Health Cover Management
Offers a less time consuming method of dealing with reimbursements, eliminates fraudulent claims as well as enables cashless transaction billings for the employees. Furthermore the process is streamlined by the digitized assigning, tracking and management of outpatient records

Digital Health Services

Our health services consist of connecting and booking online with a vast network of doctors, at home lab test collections and online ordering and delivery of medications. Also our multiple payment methods makes it easier for our users to carry out the transactions online. 

Health Insights

Our health insights offers a powerful dashboard that provides actionable analytics for the many levels of management in an organization. It visually illustrates progress of treatment and flags the metrics that require attention – this tool brings together your organization’s healthcare activities in an easy-to-understand, intuitive dashboard.

Employee Wellness and Risk Management

Through this portal, you can manage health benefits, look at care plans as well as health risk assessments. Moreover, the platform offers a personalized newsfeed that caters to each user. 

Why pledge to choose AugmentCare?

 Allows easy access to medical professionals

 Reduces absenteeism and presenteeism

 Increases productivity of workforce

 Increases employee engagement

 Allows for proactive care and quantification of disease risk

 Manages and forecasts disease progression and trends

 Lower long term healthcare costs

 Cashless billing transactions

 Digital management of out patient records

 Add in fitness challenges as part of the wellness program and track the output in the company