Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease which is widespread in Pakistan and other tropical countries. In the past, it was termed as “breakbone fever”. This dengue fever is a fatal disease caused by the dengue virus and transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. There is no medication or vaccination available that treats dengue. Pakistan is undergoing one of its worst-ever dengue fever epidemics with 20000 cases are already registered and 34 confirmed deaths in this year. Health officials have already initiated campaigns against dengue and conducting anti-mosquito sprays, especially in urban areas to eradicate the spread of disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

These symptoms should be kept in mind in order to recognize and diagnose the viral fever on time which are as following:

  •         Severe muscle and joint pain
  •         Headache and High Fever
  •         Constant Stomach Pain
  •         Nausea and Vomiting
  •         Pain in Eyeballs
  •         Nose Bleeding
  •         Exhaustion
  •         Low platelet count
  •         Low white cell count
  •         Normal to Severe Abdominal Pain

Diagnosis and Treatment

Symptoms mentioned above will start developing after 3-4 days or a week of one getting infected and the body will feel sick and lethargic. Dengue fever must be immediately reported to a medical consultant or GP as soon as its symptoms are visible. These precautions will help you prevent Dengue fever which are:

  •         Examine your CBC from a nearby hospital/laboratory.
  •         Take 2 tablets Panadol/paracetamol after every 6 hours till the result of CBC.
  •         Avoid non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (Brufen, dicloran or aspirin formula) as these medicines can cause bleeding in              case of dengue.
  •         Wear protective clothes to cover your arms and legs properly.
  •         Use mosquito repellent lotions, even indoors.
  •         Regularly change the water in outdoor plants and water dishes. Removing the stagnant water can also help reduce the risk.
  •         Plentiful amount of sleep will help as well.
  •         Use mosquito nets treated with insecticide are more effective otherwise you can be bitten by a mosquito through the net.
  •         Drink abundant amounts of water to avoid any kind of dehydration.

Diet Plan during Dengue fever

Light diet and liquid is usually preferred in other infectious fevers. However, in the case of Dengue, foods should be taken which are rich in nutrients and vitamins, and certain precautions should be followed. Which are:

  •         Avoid oily or fried foods
  •         No spicy diet
  •         Liquid intake like juices, coconut water and ORS water          to stay hydrated.
  •         Green leafy vegetables intake.
  •         Dairy products such as egg, milk and cheese will also            help to battle with this virus.
  •         Take porridge, soups and fruits to gain strength.

Why is it essential to treat Dengue?

Dengue, if not treated on time can be dangerous or potentially life-threatening. If the condition of a person gets worse or severe in this case, please visit a nearby doctor/hospital for further treatment.

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