Organize. Reach. Expand

Your noble profession may provide internal satisfaction, but are you satisfied with the way your practice is managed? We help you organize your information, reach thousands of patients, and expand your practice.

Whether you are a stay-at-home doctor, one with a very busy schedule who wants to serve as many patients as possible, or a doctor who simply wants to provide care in a better way, we have the perfect solutions for you!

Accessible Care is Rare

Unlike superheroes, doctors couldn’t come to the rescue everywhere. Until now.

  • Be a smartphone superdoctor and provide consultations from anywhere, anytime
  • Expand patient reach by 70%
  • Easily respond to patient queries without giving out personal numbers

Reach a Larger Patient Pool

People need you. And now they know where to find you.

  • Find potential patients all over Pakistan
  • Book appointments without burdening your staff
  • Increase your visibility online and generate higher revenue

Digitize Your Workflow

Systemize, secure, and coordinate your patient information and payments.

  • Organize and automate your workflow with electronic medical records
  • Receive payments through secure platforms
  • Easily retrieve patient medical history and manage appointments
  • View thorough patient information instantly

Talk to Other Experts

Your ideal way to keep in touch! Our Quora for Doctors platform allows you to:

  • Speak with other doctors and share information
  • Benefit from the experiences of other experts
  • Lend a helping hand in healthcare queries

Create Professional Profiles

Patients need to consult reliable and qualified doctors.

  • List your qualifications and experience
  • Get client ratings to enhance credibility
  • Make your practice more popular and prominent