AugmentCare's Clinical Management System

We have the solution to the challenges you face as a doctor and in the healthcare system! All in one EMR, CMS, and a Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard to power your Facility

Are you an Individual Doctor?


Let your patients connect with you round the clock

Patients can book appointments online


Data from existing inpatient records available Seamless integration with your HMIS to provide doctors with previous treatment records with a few clicks


Doctors can see patient reports as soon as they come in Integration with on-facility labs and diagnostics

Are you part of an Hospital/Clinic?


Allow doctors to facilitate patients from Tier 2 cities Tele-health facility connecting doctors to patients all over Pakistan



Care team not dependent on a phone line and is accessible 24/7 Allow patients to talk to doctors and support staff via in-app chat


Continuity of care for patients after hospitalization  Post-hospitalization now possible


 A complete healthcare service at your fingertips with appointment bookings, video calls, stay-at-home lab tests, prescriptions and more!