Green Clinic A step in the right direction

The Green Clinic project is an initiative towards a better eco-friendly environment. Commenced by Getz Pharma and AugmentCare in partnership with WWF, this venture aims to introduce paperless practices all over Pakistan. Through the Green Clinic project we aim to digitize healthcare in the region and increase accessibility to healthcare services across Pakistan.


Getz Pharma is a branded generic pharmaceutical company with a global outlook. We develop, produce and market safe, effective and quality medicines and healthcare products that will improve the health and quality of the life of men, women and children.

Getz Pharma is the only company in Pakistan whose manufacturing facility is Pre-qualified and approved by the World Health Organization, Geneva (WHO). Our Quality Control Laboratory is also the first and only in Pakistan to have been Pre-qualified and approved by WHO.

AugmentCare is an integrated digital healthcare platform that aims to address the challenges faced by doctors and patients in Pakistan. The company provides socially responsible and effecient healthcare solutions in the form of Electronic Medical Record (EMRs), Telemedicine and the Clinical Management Solutions that improve the healthcare experience for the doctor and the patient.

Our Aims & Objectives

We aim to provide socially conscious and responsible solutions to build a more sustainable environment by

Revolutionizing the healthcare industry in Pakistan.

Raising awareness for eco-friendly medical practices.

Initiating a paperless process to reduce waste.

Increasing accessibility of healthcare in the country.

    Why they’re needed?

    Through the Green Clinic Project AugmentCare, Getz Pharma and WWF hope to aggressively promote healthcare inclusion and paperless medical practices in Pakistan. As a result of this project we hope to obtain groundbreaking stats on disease trends in the region and use those stats to take preemptive measures to combat these diseases and build a greener, healthier Pakistan.

    Questions about our platform

    How they will improve your medical practice?

    Connects doctors to patients all across pakistan.


    Doctors can facilitate patients from tier 2 cities.

    Queue Management / Waitlist Management

    Token system enables transparency in the order of patients which reduces waiting time

    Manage No-shows

    Reminds patients about their appointments through SMS and E-mail reminders, reducing the probability of a patient not showing up.

    Enables patients to confirm bookings in advance by advance payments and cashless transactions.

    Appointment management system allows doctors to see cancelled or rescheduled appointments, allowing the doctor to stay up to date on all booked appointments.


    Generate financial reports which include billing and invoicing, and leave no room for fraud and human error.

    Auto Generate reports on the number of consultations of a doctor and the revenue generated.

    How it will make patient lives easier?

    No fear of losing prescriptions

    No need to manually keep track of medical records

    Instant access to medical records anywhere, anytime