Social networking essay-advantages and drawbacks of social media marketing

Social media marketing essay-Is social media marketing boon or bane

In this social networking essay, we’re going to attempt to cover as many points even as we can So what does social networking mean?

Without going technical and confusing fundamental concepts, I’d like to separate the terms separately and explain them further. Personal relates to getting together with other individuals and information that is exchanging them. Media relates to a platform of interaction, i.e., tv, internet, etc. Thus, simply by using both of these terms, this is could be determined as: social networking fundamentally comprises internet-based communication tools that allow individuals to communicate, interact and change information with one another.

The same as anything else, social media marketing has also its pros and cons.

Features of social networking :


Social media marketing is definitely a form that is excellent online homework help of to talk to our old or brand new buddies, peers, and anybody we prefer to talk to anytime. Social media marketing helps people restore their memories that are old commemorate brand brand new memories and additionally satisfy new individuals within their life. Social networking platforms have now been a blessing when it comes to realm of interaction.


Social networking inevitably brings enjoyment and activity for all of any age, gender, caste, color, and creed. Teens feel well if they upload an image and acquire loves and type commentary on their articles. Older grownups feel good whenever the photos are seen by them and videos of the young ones & grandchildren delighted. Social networking admittedly does a job that is excellent of every person delighted.


Individuals have all kinds of great possibilities in life with their betterment through different social networking platforms. Pupils from international that have worked hard get great possibilities for universities abroad. An individual shopping for a work utilizes social networking platforms for the desired place inside their desired spot. Social networking additionally offers to be able to business owners and dreamers who would like to bring modification once and for all. Social media marketing does offer a substantial push to an individual whom requires it with amazing possibilities.


It can help this new increasing entrepreneurs whom desire to expand their company to more and more people, offshore, etc. Instant requirements fulfilled: Due to social networking, our instant requirements as well as regular needs are met with only some clicks away. We get food delivered to us easily and quickly without any effort if we are hungry or craving for something to eat. Require clothes that are urgent footwear, and electronic devices? Internet shopping does it for you personally in a heartbeat!

World updates:

Anybody can get an improvement of each and every corner around the globe inside a minutes that are few. An individual sitting in a single part worldwide will get to learn material about another the main globe, like that is the absolute most critical individual in a place that is particular. Social networking also provides every sagacious or information that is bogus politics, styles, lifestyle, music industry, movie industry, video video gaming industry or whatever else for instance.

Drawbacks of Social Media Marketing:

The increase of social networking hasn’t only provided increase to good stuff but in addition has developed a number of ones that are damaging. Let’s take a good look at those hateful pounds!

Reduce real-life relationship:

The increase of news has made not just the generation that is young additionally the previous generation more social and has now therefore, paid down the real-life interaction between everybody else. The greater amount of individuals indulge on their own in social networking, the greater they have hooked on it and attempt to avoid real one-on-one with their loved ones and buddies.

Cyber crimes:

The use that is high of news has grown the sheer number of cyber crimes performed too. Cybercrime is simply the identical to a real-life crime conducted on a media that are social. Too trust that is much social networking has made people share their personal stats, ensuing in cyber crooks breaking their privacy on social networking platforms. Then some hackers subscribe to cyber crimes. This is certainly a good way for which media that are social privacy effortlessly.

Infestation on sentence structure:

The use that is high of media has offered rise into the extortionate usage of abbreviations and slangs every-where, not merely on social networking but additionally in true to life conversations. Individuals have started using abbreviations into the degree they own forgotten the way in which to utilize sentence structure or even to strike up a conversation. Simply to make one’s talk look “cool,” individuals constitute their abbreviations and also have started forgetting the proper means target, some body. It really is a common way in which social media marketing has damaged ancient languages.

Health issue:

Social networking addiction is quite harmful. If somebody gets dependent on social networking, he or she can sit up all day and hours with no real-life relationship that will be not merely damaging to their eyes but in addition their psychological state. The lifestyle that is stunning the online world supports substance abuse by making use of terms such as for instance “All cool individuals do medications.” Most of these statements influence the young teenagers to become a part of it.


Ergo, it could be stated that social media marketing is really a blessing to mankind if used accordingly and in addition a tool of mass destruction if misrepresented.

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