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We live in a world which is fully digitized and integrated- from the food you order to hailing a ride- enabling smooth communication and prompt service. There is no reason that healthcare shouldn’t be. As a critical need, it is essential that healthcare services go everywhere and are available to everyone. And that’s exactly what we do. It is our promise to connect you with the best doctors near you. Book and manage online doctor appointments 24/7 with us. Providing and receiving healthcare has never been quicker, smoother, and easier.

Best doctors near you
Online medical consultation

Feeling sick and need instant medical attention?

  • Find a doctor near you online
  • Book online doctor appointments instantly from anywhere
  • Upload your medical history on the patient portal and much more!

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Are you a doctor who wants an efficient and popular practice?

  • Provide consultations from wherever you want
  • Manage patient records online
  • Organize your workflow

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talk to a doctor online
online doctor appointment

Do you manage a hospital? We can achieve big things together!

  • Create a hospital-specific profile on our system
  • Expand reach, popularity, and trust
  • Track and manage your marketing budget
  • Easily manage patient appointments and records
  • Effortlessly transmit information, insurance claims, and medical records

Looking to achieve greater healthcare value in your organization? Here’s our solution.

  • Enable employees to consult a doctor anytime, anywhere
  • Track and manage healthcare spending seamlessly
  • Replace Pay-and-Claim with Cashless healthcare transactions
  • Connect online with your insurance provider for claim filing and processing
  • Use Wellness tools to keep your employees healthy and productive
  • Get Actionable data analytics for your organization
find a doctor near you
health care insurance

If you are an insurer, we have a way to make your job easier!

  • Go paperless and register claims digitally
  • Seamlessly integrate with and transmit information to hospitals, labs and pharmacies
  • View and use a claims tracking dashboard
  • Reduce the claim processing time and costs through e-receipts
  • Receive instant notifications through SMS, e-mail, and in-app notifications

Are you a pharmacy which wants to be a part of the transformation of healthcare?

  • Receive e-prescriptions and get rid of your quarterly ledger
  • Deliver medicines to patients all across Pakistan
  • Easily receive payments through numerous debit, credit, and EasyPaisa payment providers
online medical diagnosis
expand your laboratory

Are you a laboratory which wants to expand its reach?

  • Attract patients from everywhere in Pakistan
  • Provide stay-at-home blood tests and deliver lab reports online
  • Become the preferred laboratory